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Aircraft Services

We provide a range of aircraft services that covers anywhere from aircraft detailing all the way through complete rebuilds.  At a facility where you can accomplish a number of functions all in facility, why not, minimizing your overall down time.

Aircraft Annual Inspections

We perform annual inspections on a wide variety of aircraft from Piper J-3’s to Piper PA31’s, all your single-engine and twin-engine piston Cessna’s, as well as a full line of Beechcraft products.  There are also several experimental aircraft we are widely versed in. There is no quoted price for annual inspections – they are time and materials, plus discrepancies, with a stated “about” time in hours.  A squawk list is generated and emailed to you for electronic approval. Give us a call and discuss your upcoming maintenance needs.

Aircraft Pre-Buy Inspections

Pre-Buy Inspections are on a case-by-case basis as buyers all have a different level of needs for the aircraft they have chosen. This can be from a simple logbook inquiry to a full annual – and anywhere in between – and of course the cost depends on the level of need.

Aircraft Engine Replacement

We routinely perform engine service and replacements. Engine replacements are done including engine mounts, hoses, oil coolers, etc. We understand that each instance is a little different so conditions may vary in complete part replacements.

Aircraft Structural Repair

Coastal Skies Maintenance has always provided a certain level of sheet metal structural repair capabilities. We have now expanded our structural repair capabilities and are rebuilding wings, stabilizers, flaps, ailerons, etc. Please contact us for your current needs and scheduling.  We are capable of picking up and delivering from within house fully insured.

Aircraft Electronic Ignition Systems by ElectroAir

We are a certified installation center of ElectroAir Electronic Ignitions.  We have installed numerous systems and corrected and repaired countless others.  Please call if you have questions or to schedule your installation, and we will see if we can help.

Aircraft Avionics

Be sure to ask us about your avionics needs.  With two current avionics technicians, we do our best to help get your problem fixed.  Whether it is fine tweaking, finishing a job, or all out new installations – we do it all.  Our jobs are usually one off, and always custom.  Please see our gallery of panel pictures and projects we have completed.

Aircraft 91.411 and 91.413 testing is one of our capabilities. If you need your certification renewed, call us for more information.

Aircraft Detailing

Coastal Skies Maintenance has an aircraft detailing department with over 20 years’ experience. We offer full cleanings, wipe downs, interior work to include carpet cleanings. We also do wax work, bright work, as well as the “Perma Guard” process. Contact us for more information.

Aircraft Avionics

While your aircraft is in maintenance, it could be the perfect time to repair torn interior, replace carpets, and or recover panels.  With direct access to a number of interior service facilities we can help get it done while it’s down for maintenance.

Aircraft Mobile Maintenance and Recovery

Coastal Skies Maintenance is equipped for road trips. If you are in need of mobile maintenance, or your aircraft relocated or recovered – give us a call, we would be glad to help if we can.